VIENNA Advantage ERP & CRM Library Management

VIENNA Advantage Library Management is an integral part of the VIENNA Advantage Campus Management Suite and also works as standalone Library Management System

VIENNA Advantage Library Management offers all features to efficiently run a library. It offers you the right informaon that usually ta es lots of efforts to trac if done manually or on other Library Management systems.

The core modules of VIENNA Advantage Library Management are:

  • Cataloging (classifying and indexing materials)
  • Acquisitions (ordering,receiving and invoicing materials)
  • Circulation (lending materials to users and receiving them back )
  • Serials (tracking journal, magazine and newspaper holdings)
  • OPAC ('Online Public Access Catalogue' --the public interface for users


The core features of VIENNA Advantage Library Management include:

Configurable entities
  • Number of subject streams and sub streams
  • User defined sub categories of books periodical and electronic media entities.
  • User defined Accession No. series for books / periodicals / electronic media and sub categories which enables and supports any international standard.
  • User defined issue groups and other attributes.
  • Provision for specimen/reference/general /text book categorization categories of books periodical and electronic media entities.
  • Provision for de3ning the physical posion of item (across almira and racks)


Issue and Return
  • User friendly issue/return/reissue process
  • Issue/ Return of Books/ Periodicals/ Electronic Media to various Issue Groups
  • Detailed Library A/C of Issue Groups – Yearly
  • Subscription Renewal /Extension for Periodicals
  • Item reservation by Issue Groups
  • Stock Verification System (Criteria Based)
  • Stock Transfer System
  • Catalogue Generation System
  • Use of Bar Code / RFID technology (purposes of automatic identification and tracking)


Some of the Reports are:
  • Supplier List
  • Printing Reports for all the Configurable Entities defined like Subject Stream] Sub—Stream List, Issue groups, etc)
  • Accession Register for Books/ Periodicals/ Electronic Media and Sub-entities (with user defined fields)
  • Accession Register for Books/ Periodica|s/ Electronic Media and Sub-entities (with user defined fields)
  • Issue / Return Reports for all Issue groups (i.e. Staff Members wise / Student Wise / Class Section Wise)
  • Daily / Monthly Fine collection Reports
  • Items Binding Status (Issue and Pending) Report
  • Lost/ Damaged / Discarded Items Report