VIENNA Advantage Document Management System

VIENNA Advantage Document Management System is an Enterprise level DMS. Its pioneering structural design paired with potential functionality and a considerably impressive and intuitive user interface holds out VIENNA Advantage DMS as an exclusive product in the correlated market.


  • The first ever Document Management System to be securely integrated with ERP and CRM
  • Comprises of Enterprise Level Workflow and Business Process Management
  • Highly scalable, supports millions of documents
  • Unique and innovative search engine, supports content and meta data search
  • Document import from its scanning application, email inbox, web services and mobile upload
  • Regular indexing and routing of documents
  • Inbuilt document viewers for various file formats
  • Rules Engine linked to a strong inbuilt workflow management
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) supports more than 25 languages
  • Highly secure encryption of documents and role based access
  • Automatic upload from Google Drive, Dropbox and Skydrive folders
  • User Dashboard, Inbox, Reporting capabilities
  • Allows collaboration by sharing documents
  • Scanner
  • Email
  • Manual Upload
  • Bulk Upload
  • Automated Process for Mass
  • Uploading
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Services
  • Automatic Indexing of all documents
  • Custom Document Numbering
  • Content recognition and indexing
  • Indexing Meta Data
  • Indexing all revisions
  • OCR in 27 languages
  • Supports innumerable formats
  • Extendable meta data fields
  • Safe and Powerful search
  • Document content and meta data search
  • Advanced search on all document attributes
  • Scalable Document Search Engine
  • Create Documents using Templates
  • Link Document to records in System
  • Link to ERP/ CRM system
  • Forward, Move, Share Documents Email Documents
  • Revise Documents
  • Inbuilt Document Editors for various file types
  • Check-In and Check-out documents
  • Rule based processing on incoming documents
  • Setup individual rules and document actions
  • Automatic and Manual Document Routing
  • Business Process Modeling with Customized Windows, Reports
  • Configure multi-level approvals Automatic creation of records based on documents
  • Update records based on documents
  • Audit Trail
  • User and Roles
  • Advanced Access rights
  • Encrypted Documents on file system
  • Supports SSL
  • Modify Ownership
  • Workflow Inbox
  • Document inbox
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Follow-ups and Chat
  • Inbuilt Calendar, Email, SMS
  • Create customized Windows and Records
  • Generate Custom Fields and Reports
  • Add custom Document Attributes
  • Describe custom workflow
  • Custom Dashboard Reports
  • Inbuilt Word Processor
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Multi Tenants
  • Collaboration Portal
  • Deploy on premise or on cloud

VIENNA Advantage DMS can be installed on premises, on your private cloud or on the Enterprise Cloud offered by VIENNA Advantage. It put forth a comprehensive set of attributes that would meet any type of requirements for your company.